Comparison is the thief of joy

…So I was extremely proud of myself that I fiiiinally got around to setting up this new baby blog and even getting as far as my first blog post! I was excited to get inspiration from other blogs that I admire for layouts and styles etc… then I did what I always do and began comparing… comparing my newborn blog to other well established and literally stunning websites (they don’t even look like blogs in the traditional sense.. but then I am basically from the stone age when it comes to this sort of thing) so I got somewhat overwhelmed by what I wanted to create & achieve – the demands I put on myself and the perfection I seek – and underwhelmed by the measly, feeble appearance of what I’d just begun… I’d spent a lot of time yesterday trying to figure out how to have pages and links etc… yes I can be impatient, I want it and I want it now! I can also see so clearly in my head how I want to be and I get frustrated because I dont actually know how to make it happen! So… I came back to this quote which I think is a good one for me in a lot of areas of my life… don’t compare what you have/do/achieve/create to what others are having/doing/creating or achieving… because it will only bring you down. I was so high off the pure and simple fact that I’d actually ticked off something that’s been on my to do list for far too long… and this high led me to want to do more and be more and achieve more, which was great, but I do get carried away and I probably do set my expectations too high… so this is a reminder to myself to forget what others are doing and be so involved and focused on my own stuff that nothing else distracts me or prohibits me. Yes be inspired by others but don’t try to live up to others either. This is my journey and I’m starting from scratch, with no real knowledge of html or formatting… but I’ll pick it up somehow and I’ll get there. It’s good to know what I would like to possibly achieve & create in the future but I need to focus on now and going through the motions… broken down and simplified… My aim approximately 24 hours ago was purely to start a blog, not to have an all singing, all dancing, perfectly pruned production! I simply wanted to get a blog going and I’ve achieved this so I need to focus on what I have done and not the million things left that I still want to do… we need to give ourselves credit for even the small things we achieve on a daily basis and not be so hard on ourselves! So less concern with what others are doing and more focus on our own kingdoms we hold ownership over!


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