My First Blog Post

Wow I finally made it here! My first ever blog post! It’s only been around a decade in the thinking/ planning… to start a blog that is, not my first post.. if that was the case this first post would hopefully be better than it actually is going to be considering I’m just winging this and blabbing my thoughts through the keyboard as they arise… So why a decade? I suppose I am an eternal procrastinator… and professional over-thinker… I mull things over and analyse details in my head to the point I sort of talk myself out of doing the things I really want to do! The reason I started my instagram foodie page is because 1) I love food and 2) it was a short cut and easy way out of having to start and run a blog… a few of my friends had suggested I start a blog to share my food and recipes etc (circa 2007) but when I looked into it, it just seemed like so much effort and time and, well I’m kinda lazy! So I forgot about it for a long time, then when I heard more about instagram I set up my dedicated food page in 2012 or so. I was veggie at the time but after a while of following vegan pages a lot of things started to click. I’ll write separate blog posts on this in more detail but I basically credit instagram with ‘switching the light on’ for me so to speak. I follow so many wonderful people on there and find it a really positive and inspirational sharing platform. At the start of last year I finally acted out my year on year resolution to quit facebook (which I found to be overall a less positive and inspirational sharing platform.. but again, more on this in another post!) but I kept my account to be able to continue following vegan pages and groups, which I check in on now and again. On the whole, quitting facebook has been a brilliant move, but there are some aspects I miss, but mostly as a photo-holic (technical term for someone who is addicted to taking photos) I miss being able to store my pictures which are sort of like photo-journals of my travels etc.. they are just bunged onto the computer and then forgot about… so the concept of a blog crept up on me again.. I thought I could use it as a way to store my memories online and share my adventures and also food experiences with fellow plant eaters and food enthusiasts… plus all my other musings on various topics and things close to my heart… or things that may be of interest to others.. so this blog, in summary, is gonna be a right mish mash! But hopefully of things that may be useful to someone, somewhere… I don’t really know what I’m doing in all honesty but the fact I’ve even got to this stage is quite something! A small triumph in fact! I have lots of ideas for various posts so at least I’ve got some material to be getting started with! so with that in mind, I might as well get cracking!

Love & Light (and Leaves),

Lynsey x



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